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Greetings Everyone! Do you have something to say as it relates to Hair? Are you a mom who loves to style your little ones hair? Are you a writer of a Hair related book for children or adults? Do you create your own Hair Accessories? Do you create your own products? Do you know the Art to Hair Braiding? Do you have a new hair creation you would like to share with us? Maybe just a VERY creative writer? Stylist and Non-Stylist, We want to hear from YOU! Black Sistah Blog is currently looking for Guest Bloggers who are willing to give helpful tips to celebrate and educate others on Haircare for Natural forms of Black Hair. All Natural Hair Types are celebrated here. Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Haircare Professionals(men and women) as are also welcomed. Guidelines: ~Minimum length of article should be no more than 500 words ~Article should be in paragraph form ~Affiliate links are not allowed ~Article must be unique and exclusive to Black Sistah Blog ~Must provide a Professional Bio and an image (head shot of author) ~Must provide at least one image with your article. (watermark your image with your web-site/blog) The Benefits: ~Your blog/web-site will gain exposure to a new and growing Hair community. ~In your Bio, you are allowed to add all links to your business and other web-sites/social media websites that are affiliated with you. Interested: Contact me to share your article idea at You'll receive a reply from me in 1 to 2 hours. If approved, you will need to provide a full article that meet the guidelines above. An Author's Bio is very important. It will be great for the readers to see the person behind the article. I hope to hear from you soon. Peace & God Bless.

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