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Monday, October 31, 2011

Curls Course

So, today while browsing the web I found the best hair chart out there. In my little ole opinion anyhow.LOL. It was so refreshing to find this info, so I had to share and discuss the images on the chart. Thus, giving the reader enlightenment on natural hair and a curls classification system.This classification system named in this chart were established by Oprah Winfrey's own hairstylist, Mr. Andre Walker.This will help those newly natural, in transition and even those who have been natural for a minute, but never really learned what hair type they have. So here goes: Type 1
This hair type obviously, is for women who have sleek, straight hair. Mainly, women of Caucasian descent. Most um, black weaves fall into this category from what I have noticed.LOL One Celebrity that falls under this category: Actress, Jennifer Aniston Type 2
This hair type appears to have a wavy texture. They look really soft, and loose but waves or curls none the less. One Celebrity that falls under this category: Type3
For type 3 hair, These curly girls appear to have the same waves as the type 2 girls but the curls and or wave pattern is way more taught and defined.Making for tighter curls! One Celebrity that falls under this category: Singer, Mya Type4
The women who have this hair type appear have VERY kinky or course hair, and look like me. LOL. I have type 4 hair. I believe I have type 4b or 4c hair The hair is getting fuzzier and fuzzier. This hair type means that the strands of hair and or curl or wave pattern are VERY tightly wound.One Celebrity that falls under this Category:Singer, Jill Scott
****Hope you find this info useful, and yourself one step closer to learning your real hair texture. Picture source: Note: I am not a scientist or a hair guru in anyway. he info presented is for entertainment, resource purposes ONLY.Please correct me of you find any of the info incorrect.If any more info is needed please check the above named source. Thanks! Other sources used:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Announcement: (The Video)

Video source:

Spotlight: Sunshine of Sunshine'sNatural and Loving It!!!

BlackSistah: Is Sunshine your real name? What's the story behind it?

:Yes, SunShine is my real name. My real nick name that is. My great grandmother Mama Sarah named me that when I was a baby and it just stuck! I used it throughout life and even while in college too. I don't think anyone knew that my first name was Shauna lol. So, when I first started my Facebook page and put Shauna ppl were like who? So, I changed it to SunShine and now all my friends and family can find me lol lol .I thought about changing it to SunShine when I was 18 to be my legal name, but my mom liked the name she gave me and that would have made me feel bad. So, the nick name stayed and of course for work and government purposes Shauna is used there!

BlackSistah: How long have you been natural?

Sunshine:Well, I'm 33 years old and out of those years I was not natural for about 7 of them! This time around I am going on being natural for 3 years and that's without any heat or color!

BlackSistah: What made you go natural?

:What made me go back to being natural was when I changed my lifestyle after my mom passed away with breast cancer. I just wanted to be a more healthier me. I have been vegetarian for almost 6 years! So, it was only right!

BlackSistah: Why is Sunshine Natural &Loving It?

:I am loving the relationship I have with my hair lol and sharing how I have felt along this journey has helped me to meet some outstanding women, you included! I love my hair, I love the freedom of being me, and I love being natural!

BlackSistah: What product do you consider a staple of yours?

Sunshine:Shea Moisture is definitely a mainstay! I use many of their products which I will share during the next question. I also use Deep SOULutions by Natural Girls Rock and many essential oils. Those oils are; Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, I also use Castor oil on occasion.

BlackSistah: Do you have a hair care regimen? Why or why not? And If so, would you be willing to share it?

:My regimen is sort of long, but mostly I wash my hair every 4 to 6 weeks or co~wash when needed. I use Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Butter Conditioner and Shampoo, the Deep Treatment Masque, Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Styling Milk for styling, and also treat my scalp with the Thickening Moisture Mist. I seal in these products with the essential oils I mentioned and with a Shea Butter Mix product called Twisty Locs from HPO Spa Treatments. Oh! I absolutely love my Huetiful Hair Steamer! I used is when I am conditioning my hair!

BlackSistah: What's the natural scene like in your state?

Sunshine:When I am out and about I see many naturals. When I am on SN& LI! I see STL naturals too. I am going to start doing meetups real soon, so that we can all meet and support each other.

BlackSistah: What tips would you offer to someone who may read this and is considering going natural?

Sunshine:Love Yourself, Embrace Your Curls, and spread some SunShine! That's my motto, because it will not always be easy or start off easy. It can if you OWN It! I say to rock your natural hair like you would with a whole head of weave! Be confident and make sure that you research! Use products that people are using that have similar hair characteristics. This will help you cut down on being a product junky. If you find something that works stick with it! BAM!

BlackSistah: 5 words that best describe you and your personality?

Sunshine:SunShiny, Confident, Empathetic, Supportive, and Educated

BlackSistah: Anything else you'd like to share with my readers? Anything we should know about the Sunshine in our lives?

Sunshine:lol...well let's see. Oh! I have my very own natural tee line located at My favorite color is green, I hate onions, and love reality TV! Are y'all watching America's Next Top Model? lol I am! I am also becoming a Doctor of Education. Stay tuned! On a more serious note, I am humbled by the overwhelming response I have gotten on the where you can also find me on YouTube and Facebook. I am so happy to have so many beautiful people to share this journey with. Thank you so much Chastity for giving me this opportunity. Love you always!

Thanks again to Sunshine for bringing her natural rays of Sunshine to us.

Catch her on Facebook @ sunshinesnaturalandlovingit!!
Her t-shirts:

Note:All photos courtesy of Sunshine@Sunshine'


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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Business matters

So, on yesterday, we made the announcement about our big launch. Yes, BSBlogs is expanding into other markets besides blogs. Amen and Hallelujah!
Check out our natural hair tees and products here------->My shop
And if you would be so kind as to please be sure and share our NEW tees with a friend:} What we want to know from our audience is: What do you think of our products? Would you recommend our natural tees? What about them appealed to you?Could you see yourself rockin' em? What didn't?
Let a sistah know below..........................and thanks!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weave ....Me....Alone...2

So, BSBlog Followers, do you believe God has a sense of humor? I definitely,,,,um, DO! LOL.
If you can recall just a few days ago I wrote a post about black teen girls in the High School I work, right?
Here is the link if you have not read it.........Weave....Me ...........Alone

Anyhow, today, I walked into school and during first period I have 5 black teen girls right. Typical 15-16 year old teen girls. I don't know what the fascination is with me looking upside folks heads this week is, but I had to count the girls. I began to count the one with natural hair vs. those with weaves, and surprisingly...............On this day, I counted 4 out of 5 black girls in class with natural hair. WT? Were my eyes deceiving me? I counted a second time and even grabbed a sticky note so I could jot down my findings for this post. LOL. I am honestly in shock, but glad to report these findings. They had cute natural hair. These young adults were breaking that mold that most fall into .And oh, yeah, while I lunch, I saw 4 teachers and 1 substitute rocking natural styles. Happy Friday. Happy Hair Hunting.I say that because I know this blog will make some of you who were not aware more aware. At least that is the idea.Hahaha
Do you even care for natural hair statistics? Or how high schoolers are rocking their tresses? Let a sistah know below........................................

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Announcement

Did I tell you? Big news from BSBlogs is coming your way.........and I am so excited:)
We are proud to announce the launch of our natural hair tees. Something we've been working on for months, and have prayed over.
These natural hair tees are solely my creations, and I am giving the reader the first opportunity to go and purchase.What can be more exciting right now?We are more than positive that these tees will be a hit,and we wanted to do a launch right before the Holiday season kicks off. So, checkout our online store.Shirts are now ready and available for sale at: What was your initial reaction? Did you like the announcement? Will you recommend our tees? What didn't you like? Let a sistah know below..................................................

Celebrity Spotlight: Willow Smith

So, today I was web-surfing, blog-surfing, whatever it is you want to call it. LOL. I ran across a natural hair blog that had a music playlist. I almost got up from the PC to dance for a minute because the song was that contagious. The song I am referring to is : "Whip my Hair" by Willow Smith. I am pretty sure you've heard it, and if not, "where have you been the past year and a half?" Hahaha. LOL.
Willow Smith is the only daughter born to Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and is sister to big brother Trey and  little brother, Jaden Smith. She is a feisty little thing, making splashes on and off T.V., and now the music industry. I know: I know. This blog post just comes to say that I find her talent unending, and her personality =adorable. Watch the attached video. Judge for yourself.This song if it's not in your natural hair play list you are doing yourself an injustice. The beats are catchy, and her moves are infectious. You just might find your toes tapping to the music and whipping your hair back and forth.Music for kids?Sure, but its also for the young at heart.  She has a beautiful voice, and her music is classic. She will do great, and will go far. Oh, and the message her song promotes is awesome: Wear your hair how you want to. Forget haters. LOL. What parent wouldn't love what she promotes? How do you like the song? What were your first thoughts upon viewing the music video? Could Willow be a natural hair spokes model for kids? Let a sistah know below............................... video source:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, do you even realize the staggering number of young adult girls in High school with weaves? I do. I work in a school District here in Dallas, and the statistics are staggeringly overwhelming. I can honestly say that my jaw almost hit the ground when I walked into school today. Like, seriously, I sat in class and counted. Fore this issue had been pressing upon me and my thoughts.Now, I have more Hispanic students in class than anything, but out of the 5 black girls I had for 4 long class periods, all were wearing a weave! I then began to look and think outside of the box, and began to count the ones walking by and the ones during lunches....HERE ARE THE STATISTICS(In ratio form): 4 out of every 5 black girls in my school District aged 14-18, had a weave. And what's sad is these girls are only in HS.Black mothers keep their daughters natural healthy, maintained for the most part from birth to adolescence. But around age 7-10 most black girls will admit to being exposed to their very first perm experience.Thus setting them for a weave or extension in young adulthood.I have heard the cop out, excuse as to why this happens, and most Black mothers admit: "I just can't manage it anymore," or,"I need to be able to manage this mess." LOL. Without thinking: Hey, I had been able to manage it before!" I don't remember the age I was exposed to these methods,but I thank God for the knowledge I have acquired on the taboo subject of black hair. And now, sadly as I write this from the comforts of my desk chair, I think to myself: I was one of those girls!!!!:( Yes, I had a weave in High School, but as you grow, mature, and come into your own you will discover what's best for you. I chose natural hair as opposed to straight, European, sleek- looking, permed hair. My ancestors DID NOT look this way. I needed to return to my roots, find a sense of self, and heal my hair in the process.So, yes, I went back to pre-adolesence.My good friend, Stephanie told me these words before and they are words to stick by: "When you know better, you do better." These poor young school girls are just young, UN-knowledgeable on the subject of hair and are just trying to fit into the mold. High School doesn't appear to be the place to break the mold, so they don't. DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, shape or fashion, believe that one hair trend is better than another, or do I put down one's ability to be unique.Hair, like one's fashion sense or makeup is a way to express yourself. I simply state facts. These statistics are just that, and may vary in your town or state.What are your thoughts on this subject? Do these statistics fit your town, school, or state? And when did you first get a perm?Is the subject of black hair still taboo? Let a sistah know below.................................................

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HOTD- 10/12/11

HOTD.This acronym in the community means HOTD=Hair Of The Day. So you wanna take a stab at what this post is going to be about? LOL.That's right!!! My hair for today. I had a day off and so I had to catch up on household chores, and hair. I washed my hair. Then, applied my leave-in, which was KinkyCurly's Knot Today. Followed this up by sealing in my moisture with a little coconut oil. And I proceeded to twist. The following pics are the final result.Hope you enjoy. Leave comments and advice. Tips and tricks on your thoughts. Would love for you to share. So, let a sistah know below........................................

Monday, October 10, 2011


HAHA!Today in Dallas, TX, the weather was foggy, rainy, and wet. I couldn't help but notice the perm addicts running for cover as the much needed raindrops fell. LOL. I felt like the guy(Isn't his name:Nelson?) from the Simpsons who always shouts the tagline: "HAHA!"

On the inside I felt like jumping for joy. My hair needed that moisture. I had to take a moment and tell the Lord God thank you that I am natural, and am learning my true self!I love the natural hair journey I am on, and  I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is what you chose for me. It felt good to talk to my Heavenly father and let the rain fall on me as I marched into work, without a care in the world. I thank God for this and every natural loving hair day to come. Send more rain Lord:)
How do you feel about getting your natural hair soaked in the rain? Is it acceptable? How do you feel to see perm addicts fleeing rain? Let a sistah know below...........

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a Day!

At work today.... Had a interesting convo with the kiddos! It went like this:

KIDS: "Look at Ms. Williams guys"
KIDS: "Ms. Williams, your hair is silly you didn't comb it!"
Me: ;) "Really? You don't like it?"
KIDS: "No, its too silly"
Me: "Well, I like it. Finish your breakfast!"
Man y'all if I tell y'all it took all I have inside to bite my tongue and say
 something snappy like: "Didn't ask you!" LOL.
Had to share this experience because us naturals get offended daily. They'd better be luck they are preschoolers aged 3-5. Haha. Jesus just saved them heartache.No, but seriously, what are your thoughts and how would you deal with natural hair in a corporate world? It was in a twistout .....*BTW*

Let a sistah know below...........................


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