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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, do you even realize the staggering number of young adult girls in High school with weaves? I do. I work in a school District here in Dallas, and the statistics are staggeringly overwhelming. I can honestly say that my jaw almost hit the ground when I walked into school today. Like, seriously, I sat in class and counted. Fore this issue had been pressing upon me and my thoughts.Now, I have more Hispanic students in class than anything, but out of the 5 black girls I had for 4 long class periods, all were wearing a weave! I then began to look and think outside of the box, and began to count the ones walking by and the ones during lunches....HERE ARE THE STATISTICS(In ratio form): 4 out of every 5 black girls in my school District aged 14-18, had a weave. And what's sad is these girls are only in HS.Black mothers keep their daughters natural healthy, maintained for the most part from birth to adolescence. But around age 7-10 most black girls will admit to being exposed to their very first perm experience.Thus setting them for a weave or extension in young adulthood.I have heard the cop out, excuse as to why this happens, and most Black mothers admit: "I just can't manage it anymore," or,"I need to be able to manage this mess." LOL. Without thinking: Hey, I had been able to manage it before!" I don't remember the age I was exposed to these methods,but I thank God for the knowledge I have acquired on the taboo subject of black hair. And now, sadly as I write this from the comforts of my desk chair, I think to myself: I was one of those girls!!!!:( Yes, I had a weave in High School, but as you grow, mature, and come into your own you will discover what's best for you. I chose natural hair as opposed to straight, European, sleek- looking, permed hair. My ancestors DID NOT look this way. I needed to return to my roots, find a sense of self, and heal my hair in the process.So, yes, I went back to pre-adolesence.My good friend, Stephanie told me these words before and they are words to stick by: "When you know better, you do better." These poor young school girls are just young, UN-knowledgeable on the subject of hair and are just trying to fit into the mold. High School doesn't appear to be the place to break the mold, so they don't. DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, shape or fashion, believe that one hair trend is better than another, or do I put down one's ability to be unique.Hair, like one's fashion sense or makeup is a way to express yourself. I simply state facts. These statistics are just that, and may vary in your town or state.What are your thoughts on this subject? Do these statistics fit your town, school, or state? And when did you first get a perm?Is the subject of black hair still taboo? Let a sistah know below.................................................


  1. When I was in high school, natural hair was the last thing on my mind. I word my hair permed, curled and in braids. You and I both know that children in high school are in the middle of not being a child & not yet an adult....They do not know who they are. I can't fault them for trying to fit in...I do believe that they will one day have an eye opening experience just like we did & realize that it is cool to wear your natural.

    I got my first perm at 7 years old. My mother put it in my hair. by age 13, I was curing my own hair. by age 16, I was applying my own perm into my hair which I had no clue as to what I was doing....My hair was over processed & I flat ironed it every single day...smh..I did not know any better.

    Thanks for sharing your post. I am now going to pay attention to teens more in my area just to see what I come up with. Your post was very interesting.

  2. @KeeKeeAllNatural, Agreed. These are young adults and they are in a awkward time and place in their lives. I give them that. They don't know who they are, and are still learning if they don't know already.LOL.I just thought this post would be interesting to bring to my audience because it sure grabbed my attention at school.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. I too was curling my own hair by age 13, and getting perms by age 16! Keep me posted on what you find in your area.



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