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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New"Family" Pics to share

So big shout outs go to my former classmate, and friend, Ms. Sherilyn Powell for the precious memories she captured on film for us.I am too biased to pick just 1 favorite.I love them all! Here is a glimpse into the life of my family------>>>>>>>>>>Enjoy.

*Disclaimer: Whether you enjoyed my family photos or not leave a comment. Let's talk about what you didn't like. Why you didn't like it.I want to know. Let a sistah know below......................................


  1. I think your family is lovely. I always enjoy a family with a mother & a father in the home. Your baby boy looks so happy! Have a great day, Peace & Blessings.

  2. ZOMIGOODNESS your son is too freaking adorable. And your hubs is quite a looker :) I enjoy seeing Black love, there is just not enough of it out there.

  3. @KeeKeeAllNatural,@DerbyCityNaturals, thank you both so much. Family is what keeps us going. Love my family infinitely. And thanks for complementing both my men. They light up my life:)



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