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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Naturals in my Life:Rihanna

Hey BSBlog Fans! BFF has converted over to natural, and she is learning lots about hair from me, and YouTube. LOL .
Anyhow, with that being said her kids have always been natural.  She is a married mother of 5, and She is just learning what products work best for them and how to manage their hair better. So, this past week she sends me cute pics of the youngest child, Rihanna. I was so in love with the photos that I had to share.
You see, Rihanna is all of 4. She is loving, VERY adorable and she loves her natural hair!!!
The pics you are about to see are just the first in a NEW series I will be adding to the blog called
"Naturals in my Life."
Hope you all enjoy!!!! And now Rihanna.........


  1. I'm so happy that your BFF is now natural and her daugher is beautiful! Your support network has greatly increased.

  2. Omg....the little girl is so adorable



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