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Sunday, April 15, 2012


So, this weekend I had plenty to celebrate!
First off, on Friday, April 13th, I celebrated my 7 year Nappiversary!
Then, Saturday, April 14th, I turned 31 years old!!!!:)
Yay me.
I shopped all week and did something so out of the norm for me and my hair, I just can't contain it.
Wanna know what I did? Check the video and pics below......................


  1. happy Nappiversary and Happy birthday! Love the senegalese twists :)

  2. @Vee, thank you so much!!! I am loving my twists too!

  3. Happy Nappiversary to you! Happy birthday to you and I hope you had a wonderful time. Love the twists! Are you going to keep them in for 3-4 months? I need to pamper myself and get my nails done. JJ is so cute! He reminds me so much of my little one. I've missed talking to you. Good to hear from you again. God bless you to have many more birthdays!

  4. @JenJen, thanks so much for the Birthday and Nappiversary shout out! I miss talking to you as well. I promise I am making a comeback. Just been in a bit of hiatus mode due to brain drain(I guess)
    Anyhow, stay tuned I have a giveaway coming next week so check back! Peace and Blessings!



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