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Sunday, August 5, 2012

H.O.T.D- 08/5/2012

So, today, I decided to try something different for church. I had prepped my hair for a twist-out Thursday night, and woke up Friday to some lukewarm results. I was so upset I picked it and commenced to wear it in an afro. It was later Friday night before bed that I decided once I got baby to bed I would try bantu knots. So, I simply sprayed my dry hair with a spray bottle mix of water and EVOO. I added shea butter for moisture and sealed with Castor oil. The results turned out better than the twist so I wore them for 2 days(Saturday and Sunday).
The hairstyle featured is my hair on day 2.It is a side-swept style held up with two hair combs plus reinforced bobby pins.I loved these results and even got a few compliments at church. Be Blessed. Hope you Enjoy!
Do you like this style and would you also try it? Have you tried it before?Let A sistah know below...................................


  1. Can't wait to start doing my hair like that. Cute style Chas...

  2. @Cheryl Lester, thanks darling! I can't wait to see you rockin a natural do either! LOL. I wanna do a style to it. Thanks for reading:)

  3. I tried a Bantu knot out and really liked the results. Looking good!



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