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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Turbie Twist Towel

So, this is it-My second review! Yay.
This review comes to announce:  that my hair is FINALLY being protected after every wash. Yes, after the co-washing, pre-pooing, and clarifying washes I now use this neat, little microfiber towel that I bought at my local Dollar Tree store for, $1.00.
Disclaimer: The towel itself, It is not actually sold under the Turbie Twist brand name, but I had already opened, used and tossed the package.....I used the Turbie Twist name and pic for comparison only!!!!!
First, the feel of the microfiber towel, as with any other microfiber product, it was Super soft to the touch! I love the way it feels....Reminds me of cashmere.
Secondly, we shall discuss the TASTE, SMELL, AND SOUND Have all been Obviously omitted. And Lastly, there's Appearance. is so cute!!! It looks like a  cute little turban hat, that has a little button to keep it securely snapped in place on the top of your head, and it comes in a variety of colors....SO who wouldn't love that!?
My hair loves this towel and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Great quality, great product, and my hair was Ubber soft....So, I say for the price...It was an fantastic steal!
What do you think of my pics? What do you use to dry your head? Would you  consider a turbie twist?Let a sistah know below...........................

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  1. I use a micro fiber towel and I feel they are a must for naturals. Mine is pink like yours.



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