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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review #1

  I work in the school District, and we work hard all year just awaiting the words S-U-M-M-E-R! I say this because the summer leaves me with more time to enjoy things I love.
I can spend more time with my son JJ,  family, vacation properly, EVEN read!
One of the books that I enjoyed reading this summer was: The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. I had many a YouTube friend raving about the Curly Girl, or CG method and I had to try it~I bought the book in April as a Birthday gift to myself, and I love it!

 Lorraine is a beautiful, self-professed curly girl and Salon Owner. She has many years in the haircare business, and has compiled all of her knowledge on hair and expertise into this nifty little Handbook! She has this curly hair stuff down to a science!! But I found that most of her info, Naturals in today's society already know!Here is my Book Review:
 Things I Learned
There are 7 different types of curl patterns:
1. Botticelli- Curls that vary in size and shape! 
2.Corkicelli-Curls w/varying curl patterns!
3.Cherub-Curls that are soft to the touch, and baby-fine. Resembling hair of a young toddler!
4.Wavy -Curls that loose curl pattern; Can appear straight!
5.S-wavy -Curls that are defined + wavy with a slight bend on the end; Curls resemble an "S"
6. Fractal or Zigzag -Curls that most women of color have; Very dry and resembles micro-spirals or corkscrews!

7. The Curly Girl Method-A daily routine which involves cleansing with sulfate-free  or Botanical shampoo- Conditioning, and leaving most in hair for moisture- Scrunching, with a microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture and lastly-Styling with a handful of gel being added to hair to define curls and hold your hair's natural shape!

8. How-To make some homemade products targeted to Curly Girls!
9. There are tons of natural hair classification systems;Lorraine's classification system of curl patterns is one of the BEST I've seen!
Things I Knew
 10 Hair doesn't need Shampoo to thrive and grow. Most naturals already do conditioner washes! >I JUST NEVER TRIED THEM MORE THAN A HANDFUL OF TIMES:(

11. Water is essential to hair growth 
12. Most naturals already know about shrinkage; Lorraine calls it " Spring Factor"- LOL.

In the end, the book was an awesome read, and at a price of  $9.99, I say grab it. It can always be used as a refresher course. It has the Actual DVD that assists you in learning how-to do the CG Method step by step! I would buy the book again for myself OR someone I love just so they can learn the CG Method. ***Once I have these twist taken out I am trying her method.


  1. I did a review of Curly Girl and Curly Like Me on a You Tube video. Both books written by curly headed girls and I think every natural should research and read these books.

  2. @JenJen, will have to pick up Curly Like Me, and I will have to check out your video. Thanks for the input.



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