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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Blogger Spot

Protective Hair Styling: Cute Style but NOT Age Appropriate.

Guest Blog Post: Maintaining Healthy Hair & Scalp of Young Children After Hair Styling. 

   Children's hair should not be styled in the same manner as an adult. The hair & scalp of a child isn't strong enough to take the beating of excessive tension, tightness and or pulling. The skin is fairly new and so is the hair. Hair Care for a child requires time, patience as well as understanding that the hairstyle itself doesn't have to be 100% perfect. Hygiene of children hair & scalp should always out weigh the importance of how a  hairstyle look. 

   Protective Styling is one of the most popular Natural Hair Care methods used to promote healthy hair care in children. It's purpose require low manipulation of the hair and to protect hair from breakage due to everyday styling. This fashion of hair styling is great for children of all ages, however, there are times the hair and scalp needs a break from always being bound and should be able to flow freely for at least a week. Just enough time for the hair & scalp to breath.

   Before I get into the purpose of today's post, I want to share a sad story with you that no child should ever have to go through. I recently provided mobile hair care services for a new 4-year-old client. After meeting this adorable child and her family, I sat down with the parents to conduct a consultation of the child's hair. Everything appeared to be normal. Her hair was loose and free in an Afro which made the consultation easy for me. What her parents failed to inform me of was that their daughter had had two different stylist style her hair that week and I was stylist number three to put my hands in her hair. Also that the child had two large open sores on her scalp.

   The first stylist styled the little girls hair in too tight Nubian Knots (Bantu Knots), which resulted in the child screaming and crying during bed time for two days. Recognizing their child was in pain, the parents decided to take the child's hair out. A day later, the second stylist cornrowed the child's hair but the parents didn't like the way the style looked and decided to take her hair out. The day after that, I received a phone call to provide the child with hair care services. After seeing the open sores on the child's head, I decided not to style her hair. I recommended the parents to wash her hair, leave it out and take her to a dermatologist immediately. I told them that once they get a note from the doctor, I will then style her hair in three weeks. Her parents thanked me for my advice and I have an appointment set-up to see the child once her scalp heals.

 BE CAREFUL WHEN STYLING: Nubian Knots/Bantu Knot for Children.

 With or without extensions, Nubian Knots can be very harmful to the hair and scalp if styled by someone who is heavy handed. Try not to twist the hair too tight or apply the rubber-bands too tight. This style (in my personal opinion) should not be styled in children under age 3.

 BE CAREFUL WHEN STYLING: Africa Twist for Children

African Twist is a very heavy and  painful  style for many adults and should not be styled in children under age 13.This style would be torture for a young child. I have seen adults who have had open sores on their scalp due to wearing African Twist.

BE CAREFUL WHEN STYLING: Cornrows & High Bun for Children.

    This particular style can be styled Naturally and or with extensions. The combination of tight Cornrows and a tightly twisted bun, can cause scalp irritation. The scalp may itch and due to scratching, may make the scalp raw and tender. Take the hair down if your child is scratching his or scalp too much. Not good for children under age 5 unless styled with their own Natural Hair. No hair added.

   These are just a few styles I do not recomend for young child. Tight hairstyles of any kind isn't good hair care practice for the hair or the scalp. And although protective styling is a great life saver for many parents, it is also great to allow a child's hair to breath from being bound for weeks at a time. Allow the childs hair & scalp to get a break between protective styling. 

Disclaimer: All photo's were pulled from Google. Statements made here are my personal views. Alway seek a Healthcare professional for all your scalp care needs.

Guest Blogger Author Keianna (KeeKee) Johnson  is a Certified Natural Hair Care & Braiding Technician. Specializing in Natural Hair Care and Braiding for Children. Certified through Madam Walker's Braidery and Schools. Writer of Blog Chi Chi Sophistication.  Blog site:  Website: 


  1. Good advice. I think many little girls are wearing braids that are way too tight. Nice new look to your blog!

  2. AAAAWWWW! Thank You Chasity for allowing me to be guest blogger on your blog. Big Hugs.

    Thanks Jen Jen for your comment Sis. Peace & Blessings ;-)



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