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Monday, June 18, 2012

Spotlight: Brooke

From time to time, We here at BSBlogs love to shine a Spotlight on Beautiful, naturals that we have become acquainted with. The naturals chosen are inspiring , admirable and VERY influential. This little one you will read about today is a phenomenal child, Blogger, Vlogger, Actress and Model, and a very good friend. Please get to know Little Miss Brooke Aaliyah, she will definitely be in the REAL "spotlight" soon enough!
Read Her Interview Here:
  BlackSistah: Straight or curly?

Brooke: My hair is naturally curly and I love my curly hair. I get my hair flat ironed twice a year by my hair stylist Christmas time and on my birthday. She really knows my hair texture.
BlackSistah:Accessories or no?

Yes, I love hair accessories. My fave ones are the ones with flowers and bling. I love flowers and bling. 

BlackSistah:What's your favorite natural hair product?Why?

We love to try new hair products. I love the ones that make my hair soft and allows me to wear it down. I would say that my fave hair products at the moment is Curly Q's. I love the smell, the bottle it comes in and I love that it doesn't make my hair puffy. I like to wear my hair down and when my mom uses Curly Q's, then I get to wear my hair out. My hair also loves Manetane Beauty's hair food. 

BlackSistah:What do you say to kids styling their own hair?

I think that's great. I wish I could do it. 
I would love to style my own hair but my mom says that I'm too young. I gotta wait until I'm older but sometimes she does let me brush it but only when 's wet.

BlackSistah:You prefer mom's styling or Brooke's styling? 

Well since you asked. I like to choose the style and mom does it. . :)

BlackSistah:Whose hair do you prefer best: Skai Jackson Willow Smith?Why?

I like Skai Jackson because her hair is always big and she has cool styles. I really don't want to cut my hair like Willow did but she is pretty with short hair. 

BlackSistah: Do you feel its important for kids to see natural hair in TV, film and commercials? Why? 

Yes....Because if other kids see my cool natural hair in movies and commercials they will love their cool natural hair too. I really like my curly natural hair. 

BlackSistah:What's your favorite hair style?

I love to wear my hair down, twists, braids and in a pony tail. 

 BlackSistah:What's the most important thing you've learned about your hair?

My hair gets tangled so mom is very gentle when she combs it. I have to keep my hair moisturized to keep it soft. My hair gets puffy and dry if I don't use the right products. 

BlackSistah:Anything else you'd like to add? 
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Check out Brooke's work here!
Peace and Love


  1. She is super cute! I love her beautiful hair and those curls are to die for.

  2. @JenJen, thanks for reading. Yes she is super cute! I am a fan of hers, love her hair and I admire her little spirit!

  3. My name is Tatyana. I love this interview! Brooke has very beautiful long & natural curly hair! I've always wanted hair like that. I love all of her photos. My fav photos are the ones with the purple jacket & the one with her in all white with the white headband. She looks like a little angel to me.

  4. @Tatyana , Thanks so much for reading. I love Brooke's hair sooo much! She is so adorable, and my favorite pictures are all of them. LOL. Can't pick just one, they are all so cute!!!! xoxo



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