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Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello my Faithful BSBlog lovers:
Sorry I have not been updating these last two weeks or so.
I have been feeling blah, and in a rut, and things just haven't  been going as I planned.
Ever had one of these days? LOL.

Well, I have been relieved a bit today, because I honestly felt better than I have in 7 days!
 I took a pic of my hair. *I have included my hair pic for your viewing pleasure*. Mom says its a no go-But she is unsupportive at ALL times!
I loved this look, and even wore it to work.
It was constructed by simply washing my hair to prep for a wash n' go. I added my leave-in, coconut oil, and some Pink Oil Moisturizer Lotion. I pulled my hair in 5 taut ponies, and allowed it to air dry overnight. I picked out and added the part, plus 2 hair clips in the a.m.
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Your cute! Don't listen to your mother. Mine likes to tell me that I "would be prettier with short curly hair if I was thinner". Just cus they're are mothers we let them hurt us. If you like a style wear it! Glad to hear from you again.

  2. @JenJen, thanks! You are spot on. I honestly, don't value her hair opinion anymore, because she is always negative. Thank you for being uplifting and positive!



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