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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tag-I'm It!

Tag - I'm it!

I recently was tagged by  JenJen@  For me to be tagged by JenJen makes me  feel so special, because she is a loyal blog reader, supporter and I'd like to think of her as a dear friend. So, thanks Jen!

To begin with, here are the rules of the tag :

a. You must post the rules.
b. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
c. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've been tagged.
d. Tag eleven people and link them in your post.
e. Let them know you've tagged them.
11 fun facts about me:
1.  If you haven't noticed my favorite color is purple.
2.  I am  mother to a wonderful 3 year old, James, who we call JJ
3.  I desire to be an authoress one day of Children's books.
4. I love to read! Will read any thing from a kids book to slasher novel.LOL
5.I AM into genealogy and hope to trace my Black roots as far as I can.
6.  I love all types of music. My favorite is Gospel, R&B, Neo/Classic Soul
7.  I can read, write Spanish, but am not fluent! LOL
8.I have scoliosis(crooked spine) in my back, which is probably why I never grew taller than 4'11"
9. Friends, and I Love Lucy were my favorite TV shows
10.I know the theme song to Thomas &Friends. LOL.
11. I love the Lord with all my heart and count my BLESSINGS everyday.  (Most of you already knew that.)
Casual or elegant?
Casual. I love to be comfortable. Sometimes a little too comfortable.
Who has inspired you the most in your life?
My parents inspired me. They gave me love, nurtured me, and I wouldn't be the mother I am today if it were not for their guidance.
What are five items you cannot leave your home without?
Lip gloss, afro pick/comb, pull-ups, purse,cell
What career are you aspiring to undertake & why OR what is your present job?
Right now I work as a substitute teacher. My passion is to teach, so I hope to finish my degree soon!
What is your favorite phrase?
If God brought me to it, he will surely get me through it!
What is your favorite city?
Haven't had too many to compare, but I really loved everything about Atlanta! Wanna move there someday.
What do you enjoy doing most when you are alone?
What song can you not possibly get out of your head right now?
Ledisi-Pieces of Me
What book are you reading & what is your best all time read?
Currently reading nothing, but my favorite is Their Eyes were watching God, The Color Purple
PC or Mac?
I own a PC, and just for Christmas got a IPAD...I am really turning into a MAC girl.
What movie have you seen recently?
The Help
My(JenJen) 11 Questions? (Warning some are deep and some are silly.)
If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with the winnings?I would buy my 40 acres and a mule. LOL. No seriously buy land, and property.
Morning or night person?Morning. I have a cup of Joe, and I am so perky in the morning.
What is one thing you must do before you die? visit the Motherland(Africa)
Cartoons or documentaries?Cartoons all day. I love to laugh.
If you could go back into time to talk to yourself, what advice would you give yourself?Finish school(college)!
City or country?Country. Love the slowness, quietness of the country.
What is the #1 character trait you can't live without in your spouse or possible future mate?Conversationalist.
Ice skates or roller skates?Roller skates. Cause she's a bad mamma jamma.LOL
What modern day convenience can you easily live without?Cable.
What modern day convenience can you not live without?Indoor plumbing
Chocolate milk or white milk?Chocolate
My 11 questions for my tag-gees:
What is your one unique talent?
What makes you original?
What's your favorite Holiday?
Vegan or Carnivore?
Ipad or Iphone?
Favorite childhood memory?
Top 5 Cd's?
How long have you been natural?
Dog or cat?

10 people I'm tagging (Sorry only 10 from me)
Sunshine@Sunshine's Natural & Loving It!
Brooke @BrookesWorld
Rosie Velt@Ms. RosieVelt
Charlotte@Charlotte's Avenue


  1. I'm a roller skating girl, but I married an ice skate man. You and I think alike with all the toddler stuff we carry around.

    1. Yes Jen, I can roller skate and ice skate! I prefer roller skating though. Oh, and yes obviously great minds think alot, because we carry alot of the same items around!(Awww, a Mother's job is never done!)

  2. Chastity, I am so LATE! As I am going to get right my answers on my blog and Thank you for the tag. Big Hugs



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