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Thursday, December 15, 2011


FOR A GIRL Exclusively for BSBLOGS @ Girl, Hey! you rocking a natural ‘do? What happened to the old days- When we rocked perms, and weaves with glue? Girl, I simply grew up And my hair did too!! I retired the old And I found my roots. Now my hair is kickin Like a fresh pair of boots See, my roots were buried, but Not quite dead They were relaxing next to some old “HOTHEAD” I picked my roots up, embraced them and said, “Hello Roots and how are you? I’ve neglected you far too long, How’s about a truce?” The Roots softly whispered, “Why thank you. You’re so kind, Will you promise to love all of me? I’m black, kinky, and fine. My roots and I obliged each other, and fell in love this day Our love affair is one of a kind and so DIVINE. They keep me grounded, and I keep them on track. We are so happy, we have not looked back! I told that “Hothead” get off that creamy crack. The crack is WHACK!!! Anyhow, GIRL: This is why I rock my new ‘do You wouldn’t understand my praise And I don’t expect you to! So do me a favor and continue to do what you ‘do!!! Original work by: Miss Chastity Williams 12/15/2011


  1. @JenJen, thanks. It's a poem I wrote today and wanted to share. I wanted to get it in poem outline, but whatever.....These layouts kill me.
    Thnaks for reading.



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