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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural Hair Confessions

Can you keep a secret?? Shh, Don't tell nobody! here it is....This is the blog post I am dreading most. LOL. I am writing today about my natural hair confessions. Yes, I have flaws! We all do!! I stand before my peers today, and confess!
1.In the beginning........I knew nothing about hair, but I was styling daily...! 2.I still have products from when I was a permie(Mainly....Pink Oil Moisturizer). LOL. Need to donate or trash it, but I secretly use them from time to time...cause I want to use em up!!! I know it's bad,.....HELP! 3. Sometimes I do comb and brush my hair, but I make sure I am cautious. 4. I have NOT had my ends trimmed in over 2 years! Disclaimer: Me and my hair ARE NOT PERFECT. So don't judge. Whew........Now that's over...I feel better. You can scold me NOW.....In 3,2,1:( -------------------------------- What are your thoughts on my confessions? What are some of your hair confessions? Let a sistah know below............


  1. Hello Chasity! How are you? I love reading your post. Your confessions are just fine. What I enjoy about being natural is that it is a personal journey and you nor I have to explain to others what we do with our hair. It is a learning process which is a fun and enriching process. Keep learning and styling Sis. You have my support. ;-)

  2. Girlfriend, don't worry. First of all, you don't need to trim your hair if you don't have broken ends (damage) or split ends. Second, everyone brushes or combs their hair when it is dry. The difference is that I don't detangle my hair when it's dry. I can't get a puffy fro unless I fluff it with a comb or pic. Thirdly, I too have some products under my sink that I used when I relaxed my hair. I paid a lot of money for them and if I so choice to apply a little to my hair so what. Lastly, I love your new pic! Is that your hubby and son JJ? Stay true and no judging from me.

  3. @KeeKee,I am fine.So glad you love reading my posts. Thanks sis for your support! You have my support as well. We still have to finish the project, and I haven't forgotten.I am glad I didn't have a lot to confess. Glad I am still ok. Learning and loving my journey through the good and the bad.Glad we are taking this journey together.

  4. @JenJen, I do believe I have split ends! Need to go in for a trim, And no I don't detangle my hair while dry. Some have even been saying never comb or brush your hair while I say that I do comb and or brush while dry in the confessions, cause I do!(sometimes)
    Thirdly, I do have a coupple of prods under the sink, but I think just like you, if we are comfortable with using it...USE IT.
    And yes, that is my spouse....No husband as of yet, but JJ's father that I've dated for the last 7 years!!!!(Thanks for not judging and for loving this blog)LOL



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