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Friday, December 9, 2011

Video Response

Have you EVER wanted to know a man's opinion of natural hair? EVER wanted to know his true, honest to God thoughts on the subject? Just a few nights ago, I stumbled upon an amazing video on FB. It seemed to be shared via Youtube. The video response you are about to see was prompted by an online question that asked: What to do when my Boyfriend like your natural hair?Hmmmmmm. Good Question This video response is amongst the best I have seen on YT to date.It has sparked lots of views, remarks, ETC on all social networking sites. I had to share. Hope you enjoy!!! ----------------------------------------------- Was that awesome or what? What part did you enjoy most? Let a sistah know below..........................


  1. Very cool! I was lucky, my husband was over joyed when I told him I was going natural and he wanted to video tape my bc at the salon. Now my family has been less than supportive. At thanksgiving my mother told me that if I lost some weight my hair would look prettier on me and that I should hot comb my hair. I've lost 22 lbs! It's never enouth. Strangers give me more support than my mother sometimes.

  2. @jENjEN, I thought it was cool too! And here we go again with our things in common, because my family doesn't support me either. My mom always asks "What's going on with your hair?"
    Wee have to be confident in ourselves, and oveeride the negative. Glad you have the hubby's support. My JJ is my supporter. I ask him daily, and he says,"I like mama's hair!!!"



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