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Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 10

Here it is folks! The Top 10 Slogans that would fit a natural hair lifestyle........ (David Letterman Style)
10.The Home Depot-" You can Do it....We can Help" 9. Nike-"Just Do It" 8.L'Oreal-" Because I'm worth it" 7.Campbell's- "M'm! M'm! Good!! 6.Capri Sun-" I can Respect that" 5.Sally Hansen-"Beauty that Works" 4.LG- "Life's Good" 3.Oscar Mayer-" It doesn't get better than this!" 2.Olay- "Love the Skin You're in" 1. McDonald's-" I'm lovin it" Then here's a bit of trivia. Q:If you had to pick a state to grow natural state in, which would you pick? A: Arkansas, the Natural State. --------------------------------------------------- Did you like the slogans?Any you'd recommend? Which is your fave? Let a sistah know below............

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