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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Defining a natural

{nat·u·ral adj \ˈna-chə-rəl, ˈnach-rəl\ Definition of NATURAL} I am embarking on my 1 year Bloggerversary in a few months, and I do not EVER remember posting about the Definition of a natural and what it means. I figured, I would address this subject in this post. This posting tonight comes with the hope that it may help someone, who may be intrigued by naturals, and natural hair! So, Merriam-Webster has about 15 definitons for the word Natural. I looked each one over and the ONLY one I felt truly stood out and could apply without question to what a Natural is....was Definition # 4.
4 : having an essential relation with someone or something : following from the nature of the one in question
I love this quote because it fits like a glove. Yes, natural hair is a relation to something(that thing being kinky hair) and someone(being my Natural bros and sistahs). Clean, precise and straight to the point. Naturals love to wear their hair in the state which it grows out of their head. Naturals embrace the hair God gave them, and they manage it without any manipulation. The manipulation I mean comes to play when you use chemical relaxers, and or straighteners, heat sources, and anything found outside of nature. We then too,intend to use organic, all natural, safe products to maintain and help manage our kinky , curly, coily tresses. ------------------------------------- As always....What does being natural mean to you? Are you considered natural if you use things found outside of nature like heat, chemicals? Let a sistah know below......................


  1. I think for me concerning my hair, natural is all about embracing who you are. It's about self love and accepting how you were created by God. For me being natural is finding my beauty by saying to the world "this is who I am and It's just another form of beauty".



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