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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Discussion #3

So, I was in my Natural Hair group on, and I see a post from Miss Lady Key's Fan Page....The Question was so intriguing I just had to bring it to my blog readers. LOL.
Do you feel natural hair is a fad OR are women just naturally progressing toward self love?
I guess what I mean is, are women flocking to natural because they like hopping on any fashion trends that are launched or they naturally beginning to love self and their hair? ------------------------------- What are your thoughts? Let a sistah know below........................


  1. Oh good question! I think it depends on the person. Just like ever other hair trend I do believe that natural hair is a trend to some people. For me it was a choice of either being bald or going natural. As more people of color wear and teach their children that natural hair is beautiful I believe that it will be viewed as the norm instead of a trend.

  2. JenJen, you took the words outta my mouth. LOL. I agree 110%!



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