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Monday, January 9, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

The Conditions for Accepting the Award are: Link back to the person who gave you this award Answer the questions below Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email Share 7 random thoughts about yourself I want to thank Jengoingnatural for passing this award to me. The Questions: 1. NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG: Luther Vandross- A House is not a Home 2. NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: I am a die hard sweets FANATIC. I love everything from Chocolate cake and moose, to Chocolate covered strawberries and Cheesecake.LOL. Can't limit myself to just one favorite! 3. WHAT TICKS ME OFF: Being cut off in traffic 4. WHEN I'M UPSET I: Tend to cry,turn to music(preferably Gospel) and PRAY! 5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PET: I love dogs and cats. 6. BLACK OR WHITE: I like Black. 7. BIGGEST FEAR: Missing God in the Rapture 8. EVERYDAY ATTITUDE: Be positive and always count your BLESSINGS! 9. WHAT IS PERFECTION: Striving to be Christ like daily! Eventually, we will get it! 10. GUILTY PLEASURE: I watch YouTube videos by the thousands. 7 Random Thoughts about me -I have been a homeowner since 25. -I was in labor with my son for 15 hours! -I am the oldest of 8 -I have a sister I am 18 years older than -I have a brother who I am 20 years older than -I can spell anything(just about) -I am horrible at math! I am now passing these award to these lovely bloggers: Sunshine@Sunshine'sNatural&LovingIt! KeeKee @ ChiChiSophistication Charlotte@Charlotte's Avenue Ms-gg@FroStoppa Brooke@ItsBrookesWorld Alexandra@TheGoodHairBlog


  1. Congrats on your award! Youtube Videos are my guilty pleasure too. Once you start it;s like you get sucked in :)

  2. @Vee, thanks! Glad I can share my guilty pleasures with you.LOL. They are very addicting.
    Thanks for reading, and for the lovely comment.

  3. 15 hour labor! So not fair! I was in labor for almost two stright days before my son decided to playing around and come out and meet me.

  4. @JenJen, Yeah my Dr. said you are in lots of pain, you have been in labor for over 12 hours...He's not gonna come naturally, I think he's too Big, and she prepped me for a Cesarean. He came out weighing a whopping 9lbs. 0 oz. All is good though. I am suprised your Dr. let you labor for so long. Bless your heart<3

  5. CONGRATULATIONS MY SISTAH! I am so happy for you. I received a Kreative Blog Badge a few months ago...I am going to have to re-post it. Thank you so much for the shout out and the love. I'm so proud of you ;-)

  6. @KeeKee, thanks Sistah Queen! glad to pass it to you and other bloggers I love. Congrats to you. Here's to us having a Grrreat 2012!

  7. Oh, I love it!! Looooove your answers!! I received one of these a while back as well!! I will repost like my Sista KeeKee up there!! Thank you for nominating me, doll!! You're the best! :)



  8. @Charlotte's Avenue, You are welcome Queen! I love reading your blog. Congrats again.



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