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Sunday, January 29, 2012


So, I posed this question on FB earlier in the week via my FB fan page.

Think about your natural hair. What did you find was a challenge in the beginning? And what do you find is a challenge now?
A:When I think of my hair in its natural state circa 6 years ago, my answer would have been learning to manage it. Applying this question to my life NOW, I would say detangling. I have not always known how to properly detangle my hair. My shrinkage is major, and I would basically rush through the detangling method and start a style. This was bad causing many split ends, breakage and damage to my hair shaft.
        But I have recently learned a new detangling method, and I love it! Will share soon!!!!

We would love for you to chime in on our discussion topic. What are your thoughts? Let a sistah know below..................Thanks!


  1. Well I'm less then 6 months post my BC. In the beginning I just wanted some growth. Now I'm all about regaining lost hair from my last relaxer. I want healthy hair and to fill in my thinned out spot.

  2. @JenJen, I feel ya on that. I want growth, to maintain it, and I shall have it now that I properly know how to detangle.LOL. And, you shall have that lost hair fill in too! Blessings.



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