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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cosby kids

What decade were you born? The 60s? 70s?80s?Every decade has a pivotal moment,or role in society. The 60s were about racial equality and the Civil Rights Movements. The 70s were about peace, love, and no more wars. The 80s? Hmm,I was born into the 80s.Right after the turn of that decade I made my grand entrance. LOL.
I sure miss the 80s.
The 80s symbolized so much in my little life.I just sit back and wish I could go back sometimes. Aww, the wonderful memories and innocence of childhood.
I mean from Michael Jackson and Thriller, to Reading Rainbow, and Miami Vice to the Cosby Show and Big Hair!

Yes, I said the Cosby Show and Big hair

The Show The Cosby Show was and still is an influential, groundbreaking TV series that dominated 80s TV! It broke racial and color barriers and dealt with issues that we still deal with today!
With me being an 80s baby, I can say that the Cosby Show, for me was the epitamy of all Black families. I wanted to be like them.I admired them. I never knew these black,middle class, successful, highly-functional families existed until I watched an episode. LOL. Sad, but true.The show, If you have been living under a rock for the last 25 years, features, and All-black cast, and everyone can relate to someone on the show. The father is played by William "Bill" Cosby. The Mother is played by Phylicia Rashad. The kids : Malcolm Jamal-Werner, Keshia Knight-Pulliam, Tempestt Bledsoe, Lisa Bonet,and Sabrina LeBeauf.

The Hair
Did you ever stop for a moment to notice something different about these images of Blacks on Television? What's was different?
Could it be that EVERY, and I do repeat every cast member on the Cosby Show had natural hair. Yes, I said EVERYONE! Even Mr. Cosby himself!They were rocking braids, twists, & puffs way before us.
This was Mr. Cosby's show, and he cared about the image he was putting out there on our behalf that many years ago. Not only did he care about our image he took the time to encourage each cast member to stay natural.I learned this from watching a now ancient interview of Tempestt Bledsoe paying tribute to Mr. Cosby. Natural hair was the in thing on this show..... From Tempestt rocking her many different styles, to Lisa rocking her dreads, Keshia rocking her afro puffs or twisted pigtails, to even Malcolm, who as a young cast member represented the natural fellows with short taper fades and a box, to him transitioning and reappearing in the early to late 90s in countless other shows rocking his dreadlocks! This show was awesome. *Even guest stars of the show like Ms. Erika Alexander, who went on to play Maxine Shaw, on Living Single was natural. Just awesomeness!

Like I said I miss the 80s. So grateful for the positive images that were being spoon fed to me even then.Miss the Cosby Show! Thank you Mr. Cosby for being an influential part of TV history, and for upholding our image amongst the media masses. Stay encouraged Naturalistas. Note: picture source:

And as always: What didn't you like? What did you like about the article? Do you remember the Cosby show?Who was your favorite natural looking back? Let a sistah know below................................................

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