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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reasons why

So, why do BlackSistah write this blog? What is it's purpose? And... What's this whole natural hair craze about?
Well, the answers are simple. I, BlackSistah, of BSBlogs write this blog in hopes to inspire, educate, and encourage other naturals. I hope to inspire natural kids, women, and men to take a lot at the beauty within before they indulge into Society's standard of beauty. I hope to educate others by simply reviewing products, demonstrating hair how-tos, and teaching hair knowledge. I do it for my people, I do it for myself, I do it just because its a expressive outlet for me. I not only get to talk about hair that I love with Black people, whom I love, but I get to write. Writing happens to be my BIGGEST passion! This whole natural hair craze is not a fad, nor a way of thinking-It is a WAY OF LIFE, AND A LIFESTYLE. We, as naturals are not here to look down on anyone. We do not promote hate or negativity. We overcome Black hair stereotypes and emerge VICTORIOUS to stand and say: We think Creamy Crack is WHACK!!!( That's all. But in that same breath we also say that as a freed people one has the right to express themselves any way they feel! This applies to life, sexual creed, etc.Do what you wanna do and be who you want to be!!!! I love being natural. I love the natural community for embracing me, my blog, for coming together to unite and educate blacks as a whole. This is something positive that uplifts communities and brings a sense of pride to one's own self! Natural hair to me promotes inner beauty, self-pride, self-esteem, and plain ole strength. It takes a strong person to go natural. You have good hair days, bad hair days, nasty comments, and nasty stares!You have to be tough as nails to deal with hair dramas, woes, and hateful people >This is on top of just living life.But in the end knowing you are a self-educated, beautiful, natural women, man or child makes it all worth it. So I say:"Do you and Do it naturally!!!!" And as always: What are your thoughts on tonight's post? Did you agree? Did you disagree? Let a sistah know below...................................


  1. It took the threat of going bald to make me go natural. I was raised with the standard that natural hair was "slave hair" and "hard to manage". My mother was against me going natural and the most out spoken about it. I believe that this is the way God created me and I'm beautiful and perfect without having to chemically change who I am.

  2. @JenJen, well-said sis. It took the Beautician's negative comments and continual breakage to get me off the creamy crack. My mother and sisters are not supportive, but I surround myself with positive ppl within the natural hair community, and keep pushing.Agreed.We are beautiful & perfect. Thanks for reading!



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