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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nivea's ad(Revisited)

Just over 2 months ago, Nivea, a major market for skin care released an ad that bared the slogan,"Re-Civilize Yourself." Nothing seemed wrong with the words, but the image that followed the ad were of a black male. The black male model was holding the severed head of another black male, who appeared to have a natural head of hair, and an unkempt beard. As you can imagine this ad caused quite an uproar on major social networking sites, and in the Black Community. Thousands of phone calls, posts, and emails were made to the co., and the ad was immediately pulled from all marketing campaigns. I, too, was among the many phone calls, emails that helped bring this mockery to its knees. I re-join this news months later to see what everyone's thoughts on the matter were(THEN & NOW). I remember my feelings being those of outrage. Outrage because I could only imagine a board room full of Caucasian men/women, who without a lick of human decency, voted to make this their campaign slogan. REALLY NOW? Do we as a society even think before we act, anymore?
My true thoughts: Black natural hair is no more uncivilized than Shaggy,from Scooby Doo or Justin Beiber,white teen heartthrob, wearing a unkempt shag hairstyle. The way you wear your hair is just that. Your way. Don't fall victim to other people's image and or stereotypes. Express yourself. This is what the black community is doing by going natural, and we are apart of civilization therefore, VERY much civilized!Anyhow, I used to like their product, but now know to distance myself since I know how they REALLY feel about me. What were your initial thoughts? Do you still feel the same? Will you support Nivea ever again? Let a Sistah know below.....................


  1. I am glancing at my bottle of Nivea as I type this comment. This is the first I have heard of this ad. I don't know what to think about the ad. I do like that they pulled the ad and apologized, but I wonder if anyone thought about this before it was published. I seem to continue to be surprised by these types of things because I want to believe that we as humans have advanced from these racists ideas. Thanks for posting.

  2. @JenJen,Your comment justifies to me that my content isn't in vain. Cause see, I thought this was too old, and ppl wouldn't want to revisit it but thank God for you!Fore I know there are countless others who haven't heard of this, if you haven't!I would like to hope that one day we live in a society free of unjustice practices,and racism, but until then.... PRAY!!!! God bless and thanks for the support.



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