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Monday, November 7, 2011

Did you know?

Today I wanted to share an easy haircare tip with you. Ask yourself this Q: Have I ever washed my hair and needed to immediately style? If you answered yes. Keep reading. ------>We all have an old t-shirt or two that we are not wearing lying around the house,right? Did you know you can take this common household item, and dry your wet, natural hair in minutes? Click the link below for a how-to tutorial, from yours truly, and as always leave me feedback.

In most cases we were taught to take a cotton bath towel and towel blot the hair or worse! Some use forceful methods to remove the excess water. They use their hands to manipulate the towel in a way back and forth that the hair fibers get caught up. These fibers are then snagged, and some are ripped, or break off. I did not do this with my tee, I simply wrapped my hair and let the tee do the rest.My hair was dry in minutes.
Note:The newest material for these towels, hair wraps, microfiber. Microfiber is SUPER soft, as you know and is also SUPER safe for the hair. Some wraps have surfaced and they are made from velour, EVEN polyester! These products are highly recommended. Find these products and others at: (Search Turbie Twists or hair towel wraps)Hope this was helpful! As always What are your thoughts on this product? Let a Sistah know below.....................


  1. I use a microfiber towel for my hair.

  2. @JenJen, just goes to show.....You are Awesome!:)



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