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Monday, November 28, 2011

Weave ...Me..... alone(Again)

Hey all, If you loyally follow this blog, you know that I work in the school District. Today, I had the privilege(total sarcasm) of seeing a 6th grader , all of maybe 11 -12 years old with a full head of weave.She must have gotten it done over the Thanksgiving break, because it looked fresh. It was curly, really cute, but black and blonde mixed. My heart went out to this poor child. I saw her talking to guys her age, and some girlfriends too! Here was my thought process: WOW! When did she get a perm? And why is she wearing weaves in elementary. Man, are they getting younger? Is that in dress code? LOL. SMH. Then I said to myself her mother and father had to give their ok, so what can I say. I do believe my mother relaxed my hair at a young age, but she did it to help manage it. I was still wearing cute kiddie styles in elementary. But who am I to judge?To each it's own. We are in the land of the free. Free to be and say who and what you want. Right? God Bless America!
As always, what are your thoughts on this post? Let a sistah know below..............................


  1. I work in a high school and I see very young girls dressing basically like hookers. I once saw a young lady with a skirt so short her contral top was showing on her panty hose. I think kids are growing up too fast. I'm not against weaves, I just want to see kids act and be kids.

  2. @JenJen, I am 100% against weaves on kids. But do agree that kids are exposed to too much, and are growing too fast. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



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