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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So, last night my family and I watched a darn good film! I had to wake up and share this review with my readers ASAP. No, we didn't head to the theater(too cold). We stayed home in bed, and enjoyed the next best thing-Netflix. The movie was called, "Skin". Have you heard of this or perhaps seen this? If not, you need to!You are sleeping on a great movie. It is the story of a young white couple in the 60s, who happen to live in S. Africa, and they have a daughter, who some believe is Black. She has the appearance of a black child. Her hair is kinky, and her "skin"(HINTS THE NAME) is dark. Scientist, teachers, and obviously her parents are baffled by this phenom. Thus making this a great film to sit and watch. The main focus of the film was race relations, but it is powerful. Packs a punch, and gives an opposing view of Discrimination. I mean I thoroughly enjoyed myself.I found that there were many teaching moments in this film, that explores the life of a white child who appears black.
The movie was filmed in 2009, and stars Sophie Okonendo, as Sandra Laing. You may remember Okonendo from "The Secret Lives of Bees. She portrays "Mae" in that film. I loved Sophie Okonendo in TSLOB, and now in Skin. She is a great actress, and a beautiful natural. Her hair is out of sight, and looks healthy. I hope you find time to watch this soon. Watch and Enjoy. I sure did!And yes, this is based on a true and amazing story!!!!!! What are your thoughts on this review? Will you support, and check this film out? Wanna see more movie reviews? Let a sistah know below..............



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