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Friday, November 11, 2011

Spotlight: Kimberly "Kimmie" P.(my friend, Hair Idol)

BlackSistah:So, to bring our story to the readers of this blog...How exactly are we acquainted?

KP:We've grew up together and have been long time friends for years. Since 7th grade I believe :-)

BlackSistah:How long have you been natural?

KP:To be honest I have lost count of the years. If I had to guesstimate I would stay close to 10 years now. (Maybe 8)

BlackSistah:What made you want to go natural?

KP:At the time I went natural it really wasn't what I consider to now be a "trend". So there really wasn't a specific person or hairstyle that made me want to do it. I just knew I was tired all the perms and wanted to do something different. So one day I vowed never to perm my hair again and haven't looked back since.

BlackSistah:How would you describe your hair journey thus far? What things do you love? What things do you hate?

KP:It has been an amazing journey of self discovery and freedom. One of the things I love most is the versatility that comes from being natural. I guess one of the biggest dislikes is the maintenance that can sometimes be a burden when going natural. It does require a little more TLC towards your curly hair VS. permed hair. The pay off is well worth it though.

:Do you have a regimen? If so, what is it? If not, how come?

KP:I don't have a regimen. Although there is definitely nothing wrong with having one. My schedule is very busy so even if I did have one I doubt I would stick to it lol. Just lots of co-washing and moisturizer for my hair type seems to do the trick.

BlackSistah:Did you BC or transition?

KP:I wasn't bold enough to do the chop. I admire everyone that does though. Its very beautiful on African American women. I transitioned, hiding my hair with twist, micro braids, wigs, etc.

BlackSistah:Who inspires the natural you?

KP:I don't know if I have a "natural" inspiration. If I had to pick one Erykah Badu is an amazing person. I love everything she stands for. Lauryn Hill is another.

BlackSistah:What advice do you have for new naturals?

KP:Have patience. Give your hair time to restore itself back to its natural form without all the chemicals. Also give yourself time to rediscover and become comfortable with the "real" you. It didn't happen for me overnight but as the years have gone by I have grown to love my hair (and myself) more everyday.

BlackSistah:What other things should we know about you?

KP:I'm an entrepreneur. I own a clothing store in Dallas,TX. called "La Diva Fashions". I support all black own beauty supply stores (or any black owned businesses) and others should too if they are in your area. If you have ever wondered why there are not more Black owned Beauty Supply Stores please read the following article and start supporting our people !!!
It is long time we take back this Billion Dollar industry that is funded by us 99.99%

BlackSistah:What ways can we stay in contact?

KP: Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook under "Kimberly Person" or shoot me an email anytime to Now, can you see why I had to do this post? She inspires me with her Gorgeous crown of hair! She HONESTLY was the one I saw on Dallas streets rocking her natural hair @ a very young age. Her confidence consumed me, and gave me the boost of confidence to go natural. Thanks again Kimmie for agreeing to do this post. I love you, my Beautiful, natural friend. NOTE: All photos are owned by Kimmie P.*DO NOT USE UNLESS PERMITTED.



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