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Monday, November 7, 2011

H.O.T.D. -11/7/11

This is my hair of the Day in pics and footage of my how-to. It's a classic pin & tuck inspired from 1940's "pin up" or calendar girls.The style I rocked this day was all the brainchild of another Youtuber, but for the likes of me I cannot recall her name. Sorry. Her hair was longer,but I insisted on trying this style for myself!For this being my first attempt, I think I did well! I will definitely let you be the judge, though:)

Yes, I surf the channels daily looking for hair-spiration( hair+ inspiration)!
I have learned so much from the natural hair community, and am still learning. The lessons have shown to be quite valuable. These things I learn I love to blog about and show other curly gurlies to care for Black kinks and curls.

*So, what were your thoughts on this style? Did you like? What didn't you like? Let a Sistah know below...................................

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